The System is Broken ! Here is How WE Fit It!

Revolutionary Change - without the guillotines

The link between the people and our elected officials, Congress and President, is broken.

Act 1: Straight Arrow Public Funding of Candidates:
$200 voucher account for every registered voter = 40B$ in play in an election cycle

Unused Voucher funds returned to U.S. Treasury
Voter Voucher dollars can only be given to candidates bound to take nothing else.

There will still be corporate candidates.
Our candidates will be identified on the ballot as Straight Arrow Candidates.

Act 2: Improved Medicare for All
Healthcare is a human right:
Everybody In – Nobody Out. No co-pays. No deductibles.
Covering: Medicines, Dental, Vision, Hearing, and Mental Health.

Cost: 1 Trillion Dollars LESS per year than we pay for Healthcare now.
Corporate donors own our Congress. They fund (almost) every election.
Congress passes the Acts they demand. Acts that profit them at our expense.

Those who bring home the bacon (Act 2) can be re-elected by public funding (Act 1)

The immense advantages, the inevitability, of Improved Medicare for All is every day more clear.

But why Public Funding? Because it is the only thing we can do right now.

We can't Amend the Constitution until we control the whole Government.
But Public Funding exists and is accepted by the Court already -
- it exists for the Presidential election Only - at a minuscule funding level.

It is the singular tiny defect in the Corporate Death Star that threatens the lives of our children, the future of our species. That Death Star is the web of laws extracted from our corrupt Congress by their donor-owners - built on the framework of specious Supreme Court decisions from '76 Valleo forward.

It is Death by lawless military contractors in EndlessWars.
Wars for corporate profit at our expense.
It is Wealthcare pretending to be Healthcare.
It is the Injustice of for-profit prisons
It is the profit motive at the expense of education in for-profit schools.

We will drop a money-bomb into that tiny defect. The Death Star will disintegrate.

Both these things must be done. They are best done in that moment in which the Bernie Blue wave crashes into the House and the remaining incumbents quake in primal fear - fear that their donor-owner dollars will not secure their re-election.

When we pass these 2 Acts we will have a Congress that works for us. A Congress that will deconstruct the Corporate Welfare State and work to achieve: 


Climate Change is the critical problem of our time.
Off Fossil Fuels by 2035 (HR3671)
Amend to tax Green House Gases at $200/ton of CO2 equivalent
  - Calculated at the source (e.g. BlueField satellite monitoring of methane production)
  - GHG tax revenue directed to assisting transition to green renewable economy

Big changes to BigAg are also necessary.

Begin with incentives to move to organic & regenerative farming.

Just Justice

End the War on Drugs: Legalize Marijuana, abolish for-profit incarceration,

Abolish Stand Your Ground Laws
Relieve police of the moral dilemma of self-investigation:

Investigate & prosecute injury or death by Law Officers as a Federal crime

National Defense & Veterans

End Endless Wars – Start by banning military contractors in war zones
Apply savings to double the salaries of enlisted men & women
Preserve & Fully Fund the VA
The Mission Act, signed by Trump, allows for-profit privatization of the VA

Immigration Justice

Abolish ICE, simplify paths to citizenship,

Protect DREAMers & TPS recipients

Full Funding of Public Schools 

Tuition-free from pre-K through university
We are our greatest renewable resource.
A nation prospers when all have the opportunity to realize their potential

Education is that opportunity.

No public funding of for-profit or parochial schools.

$18 per hour Minimum Wage

Starting Now.

A person who works for a living should make a living. There are no 'starter' jobs. 
No exceptions: agricultural workers, prison labor, restaurant wait staff.
 Peg the Min Wage to Productivity (the benefits of automation then accrue to labor & Capital)
Express all wages as multiples of the Min
  - Skilled labor should demand that that ratio be maintained as the Min increases.
  - Union membership is needed to assure that this demand be respected.

Gun Control

The Supreme Court, not the NRA, is the final judge of Constitutionality.
Banning assault weapons per S-2095 is Constitutional & common sense.
Likewise Maryland's law requiring training, licensing for purchase & limiting handgun carry

Social Security 

Remove the cap on contributions. Require contributions on capital gains.

Inheritance Tax 

Democracy demands that wealth & power not be hereditary. 

Paid Family & Sick Leave  

12 weeks is a start


Tom Wells Pledge


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